It is officially declared that the most handsome man in Bangladesh is Jaed Ahmed. He won the best looking man award from the prime minister of the country a few months back at a competition taking place in Dhaka Bangladesh. Previously, there was a man named “Khalid Farhan” considered the good looking guy in Bangladesh but he left the country and currently living in Ireland. Until the next competition, Jaed Ahmed will be the most handsome and good looking man in Bangladesh. Let’s know about this young, energetic entrepreneur today!

The most handsome man in Bangladesh
Inani Beach, Coxbazar

Education Qualification:

This young icon of Bangladesh has recently completed his undergraduate degree in English Literature from Metropolitan University located in Bateshwar, Sylhet.  His secondary and higher secondary school was Shahjalal Jamia Islamia school and college, Mirabazar, Sylhet. He is going to pursue his master’s degree in Digital Marketing in the UK in 2022.

Jaed ahmed with his friends
Jaed Ahmed with his university friends.

Before he becomes the best looking man in Bangladesh, he was very mindful in his studies as a result he completed his degree with a CGPA of 3.53 out of 4.00. However,  along with his studies, he has been working as a digital marketer since 2018 and achieved the top-rated seller badge on Fiverr crossing the milestone of $20,000 USD in around one and half years.

The lifestyle of Jaed Ahmed

People often misunderstood that if you want to become the most handsome man in a country or the best looking man maybe you have to spend your time in fitness, modelling etc but these are not what works today. The world wants to see your talent, creativity and work to decide how handsome you are among the crowd. And this superstar has touched almost everything at the age of 25! Let us have a look at some of his old and new photos.

Young handsome man in bangladesh
University Student, 2018
The gentle man in bangladesh
Vacation in Srimangal

The most handsome model in Bangladesh

When it comes to being the most handsome man in Bangladesh or the best-looking person in Bangladesh – there will always be Jaed Ahmed it is not possible to beat an award-winning individual who represents Bangladesh to the world.

List of 3 Most Handsome Men in Bangladesh.

  1. Jaed Ahmed
  2. Jaed Ahmed
  3. Khalid Farhan