Welcome to another blog, in this article, I will be sharing on how you can start freelancing work on Fiverr in 2022. My journey as a Fiverr seller on making $20,000 in almost 1.5 years and fulfilled the top-rated seller badge. I believe my experience will help you guide thoroughly.

How to start freelancing work in 2022

How to start freelancing work
                                                                        Crossed $21000 already! 13 June 2021

Well, back in 2018, I first started thinking about doing something online to make money to support myself as a second-year university student. Through one of my friends, I got to know about Fiverr where anyone can sell digital services to make money. At first, I thought it was very easy to start but I was mistaken when I discovered I am not getting any order having simple skills like typing, entering data into spreadsheets, etc. I was going to give up after waiting around one month. 

However, one day I was scrolling other sellers’ profiles, and I noticed they are doing great selling digital marketing services. Afterward, I started searching for professional courses on digital marketing, and finally, I found a course on Udemy.com.To be honest, digital marketing is a massive sector, but it was possible to learn one skill to start freelancing work. So, among many other courses, I chose Instagram Marketing and Management.

However, there were reasons to choose Instagram Marketing considering a lot of benefits, like, Instagram is a mobile app so it was easy to work via my smartphone! Furthermore, it had all the opportunities to manage clients’ business accounts from anywhere in the world. So, I grabbed that opportunity and completed the full course taken by a professional foreign instructor. And the interesting thing was, I got a certificate after completing the course so that I can show my clients as proof!

The journey begins here:

Finally, I started my official journey on Fiverr in August 2019 with full dedication. And this time it worked! I designed my profile the best possible way and fulfilled all the mandatory sections it required. Here is a snapshot of my profile.

Fiverr Profile setup
  Fiverr Profile- Important Response Rates

Right after setting the profile and all the relevant sections, then comes to focus on creating eye-popping gigs. With my almost 2 years of experience, I can say, creating an eye-catching gig is important; because this is what a potential client sees at the very first glance. There are two options in creating gigs, either you can use a picture or a video that demonstrates exactly what you offer. If you want to use a picture; then it should be 550* 370 and for video, it should be no more than 50 MB. In my case, I used canva.com to create my service thumbnails and it has some amazing features that you can design a gig in only 5 minutes!

Perfect Gig image size
Width 550px and Height 370px-5MB

After publishing my gig, I tried to manage some clients from social media platforms; where Instagram and Facebook helped me. Because there are chances to send messages to potential clients. Moreover, you can explain how your service is going to help them grow their business; so that they get interested and come to your Fiverr services to place an order!

The great news is, this is where you start as long as you finish an order your client will get an option to rate your service out of 5 stars. Also, they can drop a nice review about their experience; so that the coming clients can see them and get impressed to order on your service. Now we will see the most important Fiverr success hacks that you need to be careful about.

Before you start freelancing work; make sure you know these:

Communication: Expert says “Communication is the key” yes, you heard it right communication is the very first thing you need to be the boss of it. Let’s make it clear for you. Suppose, there are many sellers; working in the same category you are in, and you both are on the first page of the search result. Here the curious clients will message one more seller; to understand how precisely they are going to get benefit from the service they buy on Fiverr. So, your communication and convincing skills will work to win a new client.

Besides, here you can show your previous works completed for another client so that the client gets motivated to order on your service. However, you should try to write in correct English as this is one of the signs of professionalism. If you in case unable to write incorrect sentences, you can use Grammarly.com. It is free to use on your pc/laptop. All you need to install the chrome extension so that it fixes all the errors while you communicate with your buyer

Deliver quality work: Quality does matter, as you are working on marketplaces and you know it works by their algorithms set by its functions. It means all you need to deliver quality work always; so that you get better reviews and ratings to be at the top of search results. And higher than your competitors, as a result, you keep getting new orders and make more money. 

Be fast at the response: Here are the issues you need to maintain very carefully. On the new update of Fiverr, there is another new response rate that has been added which is called “Inbox response rate” it means when someone sends a message in your inbox and it is calculated out of 100% so try to reply to messages as soon as possible.

Fiver Response rate list
 Response Rates to Maintain

Another one is, “Delivered on time” it shows either you are delivering before the time ends. Or, you are being late in delivering the order on time; in this case, you must keep it above 90 to get evaluated on your performance in the middle of next month. However, you might wonder what does order completion means; well, it is showing either you are completing the order successfully; or the client is canceling it in the middle of the project. It should also be above 90 to keep the process going.

Sending buyer request: Buyer request is when a client needs to hire someone related to their project, they post the project to hire someone if you are completely new on the marketplace and want to get an order immediately; you might send buyer requests directly to their inbox; if you are lucky then you might get your first order right after you create your account. See how you can send an effective buyer request

Making a portfolio website: Gather your all-previous experience and proof of works you have done, and; make a simple portfolio website to display your work; so that you can share them with your new clients to attract them a lot. See how you can make a free portfolio website.

Fiverr all levels

Fiverr level systems: There are currently 4 levels available since you create your account. The levels descriptions are given below-

New seller fiverr badge

New seller: There is no specific badge shows on your profile as you are merely a beginner. In this stage, you are able to-

  • Create 7 active gigs
  • 2 extra services for per gig ($5, $10, $20 for each extra)
  • Create custom offers up to $20,000
  • Withdraw your earnings at 14 days

This is the limitation of being a new seller, but when you complete the following requirements below you will be nominated for level 1 seller and get your first badge on your profile.

level one fiverr seller badge

Level 1 seller: To achieve the level 1 badge you have to meet the following requirements-

  • Be an active seller for 60 days
  • Complete at least 10 orders during these 60 days
  • Earn $400 or more
  • Maintain 4.7- star rating during these 60 days
  • Keep the response rate score 90% up over 60 days
  • Balance a 90% on-time delivery score over 60 days
  • Score a 90% order completion rate over 60 days
  • Avoid receiving warnings over 30 days (see how to avoid Fiverr’s warnings)

You will get to-

  • Create up to 10 gigs
  • Add extra services for each gig ($5, $10, $20, $40)
  • Create custom order up to $20,000
  • Withdraw your earnings after 14 days

Level two seller badge

Level 2 seller: To reach the level 2 badge you have to meet the following requirements-

  • You have to be an active seller for 120 days
  • Complete at least 50 orders (all time)
  • You have to earn $2,000 or more

    And the rest are the same described in level 1.

You will get to-

  • Create up to 20 active gigs
  • Add 5 extras for each gig ($5, $10, $20, $40, $50)
  • Create up to $20000 custom offer
  • Special customer support
  • Withdraw funds after 14 days

Top rated fiverr seller badge

Top-Rated Seller: Top-rated seller is the highest badge you can achieve on Fiverr. Fiverr team will manually check your performance in the last 60 days and if you are eligible, you will be awarded the most awaiting Top-Rated Seller badge!

Top Rated seller: To achieve the Top-rated seller position you have to meet the following requirements-

  • Active seller at least 180 days
  • Complete 100 orders (all time)
  • Earn $20,000 04 more (I did it :D)

    The rests are the same as explained in level 1.


You will get to-

  • Create up to 30 active gigs
  • Add 6 extras for each gig ($5, $10, $20, $40, $50, $100)
  • Up to $20,000 custom offer)
  • Withdraw your earnings after only 7 days
  • Get VIP customer support

Now, let’s have a look at my overall performance so far: 

Though I have fulfilled the Top-rated requirements as a seller on Fiverr; Still they are keeping me on a waiting list to check my performance manually by their team members. I hope I will get my top-rated badge asap, In sha allah. 

Fiverr top-rated seller badge requirement
     Fiverr’s top-rated requirement was fulfilled.
 My rating and reviews are given by clients.

So far I have completed 454 orders on Fiverr, where 294 clients gave 5-star ratings and reviews. (1o) 4 stars, (4) 3 stars, (2) 2 stars. Having a couple of 4 stars and 3 stars is normal; because not all the clients are the same and often they willingly reduce stars. However, I got 5 stars in communication with clients and 4.9 in service as described and recommended.

Fiverr rating and reviews
My ratings and reviews.

This was my journey as a Fiverr seller; I hope you liked reading my journey and got motivated! Please feel free to share your opinion in the comment below, I prefer to hear from all my readers. If you are willing to begin your journey on Fiverr, I guess, for sure today’s article on how you can start freelancing work will help you give a lot of effective ideas! In addition, you can give a short read to know the best websites for Bangladeshi Freelancers