Top 10 Freelancing Websites in Bangladesh [2022 Fully Updated]

Today, we’ll share the top 10 freelancing websites in Bangladesh available for freelancers to work on. Before we begin, let us know a bit about the idea of freelancing in brief. Freelancing is simply meaning to work as an independent rather than working for any company.  If anyone chooses to work with freedom; they must […]
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June 8, 2021
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Today, we’ll share the top 10 freelancing websites in Bangladesh available for freelancers to work on. Before we begin,

let us know a bit about the idea of freelancing in brief. Freelancing is simply meaning to work as an independent rather than working for any company.  If anyone chooses to work with freedom; they must go for freelancing jobs available on trusted and reliable freelancing websites in Bangladesh. And, when someone is self-employed they can title them as Freelancers. 

Freelancing website in bangladesh


Lately, freelancing is one of the most prestigious jobs in the world especially in Bangladesh according to the ICT Division of the Bangladesh government, there are currently 650,000 freelancers in Bangladesh, of which 500,000 are actively working. Moreover, Bangladesh also ranked 8th In the 2019 Global Gig-Economy Index published by Payoneer

Before you plan to start working as a freelancer it is good to know a bit about the freelancing websites you have access to in Bangladesh. As this is completely online based so you need to develop a demandable skill that has a great market value. For example, you can be apt in programming languages, social media marketing, and management (SMM), search engine optimization (SEO), or professional content writing. These have a very good value in 2021 and will be the same in the future.

If we look into the freedom of a freelancer, we see that a freelancer can choose how many hours he will work in a day or he can skip a day because he has a time limit for the project so he can accomplish the task in his convenient time. Even though a freelancer can travel anywhere in the world and continue working from anywhere as long as he has an internet connection. Let’s have a quick look at the Top 10 freelancing websites for Bangladeshi freelancers which may help you get the right job according to your competence.

Here are the top 10 Freelancing websites for freelancers in Bangladesh.

1. Upwork: In 2015, Elance-oDesk was rebranded as Upwork and the company’s full name is now Upwork Global Inc. Upwork is one of the biggest and most trusted freelance marketplace situated in Santa Clara and San Francisco, California. On Upwork, you can create accounts as a buyer/client or as a  freelancer who works for the buyers by selling their services on an hourly or fixed budget another one is for the company or individual buyers who hire freelancers for their projects. A large portion of freelancers is currently working on Upwork and making a handsome amount from every project they accomplished.

2. Fiverr: Fiverr is also another massive freelance platform situated in Israel, but people from all around the world can join Fiverr as a freelancer or buyers/clients. Business owners who use Fiverr for quick needs like logos, and flyers, can hire a logo designer for only $5 to make an eye-popping logo for their company or business. Besides, the most attractive thing is that you do not need to bid to get a project like Upwork. You can create your service and buyer can order on the packages you make it is easy and fast! Most Bangladeshi freelancers are rocking on Fiverr.

3. SEOclarks: If are a genuine SEO expert, then this marketplace will be the best choice to start your journey as a freelancer. You can post jobs or hire an SEO expert to rank your website at the top of the search result. The best part of SEOclark is you can make a service for only $1! Also, you can use their affiliate program to earn a 10% commission for everyone who joins via your referral.
Last but not the least, their support system is simply fast and friendly!

4.PeoplePerHour:  PeoplePerHour is a United Kingdom-based freelancing platform established in 2007. If you are looking for the best freelancer at your convenient hourly rate, this PeoplePerHour is going to be the best option for you. Moreover, you can publish services under your profile so that anyone can purchase them.

5. A highly secure platform for professional freelancers from all sectors can work on It is more like Upwork where freelancers have to bid for the projects to get the job. But according to my personal experience, there are a lot of scammers there these days. For example, some fake buyers post jobs and when candidates apply for them, they want security money to start. This is indeed a sign of scammers.

6. 99designs is noted as the best Logo Design firm. If you are a professional logo designer, you can make an account and post all the logos you have designed so that people can buy them directly through its platform. Moreover, 99design organizes content where designers can participate and the content owner usually gets $190 if wins.

7. Envato: Envato is such an amazing platform where you can buy and sell digital assets with 1.5 million buyers and sellers active there. Apart from that, if you are dreaming to make a passive income then you can choose Envato to stock your digital assets there so that your targeted audience buys them and you get the revenue from every item they purchase.

8. Behance: If you are passionate about your work then Behance would be the best choice to display your practical work to attract your potential clients to get hired. Nevertheless, you can take clients anywhere you want and make direct payments directly to avoid extra fees to pay online platforms.

9. ThemeForest:  If you are a theme developer you are encouraged to use the Themeforest platform to display your creations. Themeforest has a massive collection of WordPress themes. Every day thousands of buyers haunt for the perfect themes to buy. If developing a user-friendly theme is your passion then you should take this seriously to join ThemeForest today!

 10. is a private freelance marketplace that was established in 1998 in Pittsburgh. This platform is quite old. Even the most fascinating thing is this platform cuts no fees from the freelancers while Fiverr cuts 20% from every order a freelancer completes. Undoubtedly, this is going to be the best opportunity for new freelancers in Bangladesh.

let’s know more about the advantage and disadvantages of choosing Freelancing as a career.


  1. Freedom of work
  2. Work from home
  3. Standard salary 
  4. Flexible working hours 
  5. Less pressure 
  6. Make permanent buyers 
  7. Build an agency 


  1. Not completely secure 
  2. Earning depends on rating and review[ Very important]   
  3. You can not take clients outside directly
  4. Your clients can cancel orders if they want
  5. Pay extra security fees to the marketplace 
  6. Physical disabilities might occur 

There are a lot more advantages considering the disadvantages, to be honest. if you do not give health priority you will end up having a physical illness that may take you to a dangerous state. However, to solve this issue, freelancers should focus on their health properly.

Now, you might be wondering who can start freelancing?

Well, as freelancing is an independent job so anyone from any background can work as a freelancer if they have skills in any particular area. sounds interesting right? You can read more about the best skills to learn in 2021 to work as a freelancer here.

In the end, my team and I wish the best for the forthcoming freelancers on their journey to start something on their own. If you want us to write anything you would like to read, please feel free to comment below!

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