I got my  Fiverr top-rated seller badge today, Alhamdulillah! So grateful to Allah for this day, I am satisfied!
It is indeed an awesome feeling for me to achieve the highest seller badge as a freelance digital service seller on Fiverr (Fiverr is one of the leading freelance websites in the world). In this article, I have shared my journey on how I became Fiverr’s top-rated seller.
Fiverr top rated seller badge
When you sign up on Fiverr as a service seller, you appear as a new seller. Gradually, when you start selling your services, you keep getting ratings (out of 5 stars) and feedback from the buyers who usually buy your services. And you start making money! Once your earnings reach $400 in 60 days with some other certain requirements, Fiverr promotes your account as a level one seller.
Likewise, when you cross $2000 you become level two, and finally, when it touches $20,000 they start evaluating your account manually and check everything with extra care before they put this golden badge right beside your profile! Amazingly, it will be showing on all your services when people search for something you sell, and for sure you will get more attention than other competitor sellers! 😃

Let me answer some of the questions you may have:

1. When did you start and why?

Back in 2018, I was doing my bachelor’s degree, and I found my courses not that hard so I wanted to do something to bear my expenses without relying on my family. So, I came up with this idea and started learning. However, I could easily cover everything as my English was moderately good then. So, it went so well for me. ( Lol, don’t worry, my CGPA was 3.5+ out of 4. So, I would love to advise those serious students, you can also do something apart from just studying. It’s good to do something early!
2. Do freelancers awake all night?
Important, and common question! I personally consider myself a digital service seller as I sell services to earn money. It’s like a business. We often give an ear to those ignorants who usually awake all night just to browse the internet and sleep almost in the morning lol! I never awoke at the night to work or accomplish a certain project for my clients. You can assign enough time to your services when you make the package so that you can finish any project in time.
Top rated seller badge
3. What benefits will I get if I want to be a digital service seller?
Huge! Imagine, you have a sellable skill and you can display that on a marketplace where potential customers search for their needs. They talk to you, put an order, and you complete it to get paid! Isn’t it this easy? Just work on a skill that can be sold. However, if you are a student and going abroad to study, this will be your ass saver! You won’t need to work outside a lot.
4. What is your plan?
Well, I’m still a student. I’ll start my Master’s program soon. In the meantime, I am trying to generate something PASSIVE so that I can skip active work and focus on studying.
5. Where and what to learn?
I usually do not recommend any specific institution, as I prefer to learn from foreign instructors; they provide informative and practical courses with a name price! Say, you’ll be able to buy a course for $13 on Udemy which is around 1000 Taka only! Where those local coaching centres will take 10,000 takas and Allah knows what they teach! Tip: You can buy at least 8 professional courses you are passionate about!
6. What is the first skill to learn?
English! There is no point in being a professional programmer if you don’t know to communicate with your potential customers. Besides, everything is being competitive day after day. Remember, in a jungle you are not the only hungry tiger! You have to offer alternatives, and keep the quality of your workup. Otherwise, you’ll be getting down while others are DOING better and getting up! And I highly recommend udemy.com to learn skills and start working as a freelancer later on. Moreover, Udemy offers you courses for only $13!
7. What are some of the drawbacks of freelancing?
Well, there are ups and downs in each and every profession, it is not like you will only gain benefits but will not get any drawbacks. But as the marketplaces are getting highly competitive so you have to keep your standard and quality work up to deal with competitors and keep going.
However, do not wait for a job doing NOTHING at all, find something you’re good at, make it sharp and display them to the world. Because, if no one teaches you, you can teach yourself today!